Keramički portreti – za na zid

6.000 рсд

We are able to make ceramic portraits of you or somebody else based on the received photo. Our intention is not be exactly the same as the photo but to point out some unique characteristics and imperfections of that person. A portrait can be in dimension you like it to be (it is not good to be too large or to heavy cause it should be hung on the wall). From the back side there is hook for hanging.
Portraits are fired two or three times (1000 C), glazed. Finished work we send all around the world!
Why we decide to make ceramic portraits?
1. clay is noble natural material for expression
2. it is different from painted classic portraits
3. it is different from sculpture is unique

When you love somebody you want him/her to be close and present every day in your life. But sometime this person is annoying you, bother you, asks something from you, does not give enough to you and you want to escape or get rid of this loved person. However, it would not be like this if you have him/her in this „static state of mood“ -:) Always present, smiling & silent. You can watch him/her every day, talk him, argue him, keep him/her and when you stop love him/her throw away without really hurting anyone!

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Keramički portreti su radjeni na osnovu poslate fotografije. Sem slikanih portreta odlučili smo se za izradu portreta od keramike. Deluju malo šaljivo, ali su odlična dekoracija I poklon. Imaju kukicu za kačenje I mogu se kačiti na zid. Dimenzije odlučujete sami. Potrebno je oko 3 nedelje do mesec dana od naručivanja do izrade. Avans je 20 % od cene


Dodatne informacije

Težina2 kg
Dimenzije20 × 30 cm
do 10000 din


keramika rustika

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