apstraktna šolja

850 рсд

The round abstract coffee cup is handmade. How do you choose your favorite coffee mug? By shape, size, color, handle size, illustration or just by your feeling? Maybe it does not matter what kind of cup you drink from, but what you drink from it. We offer a wide range of mugs, different in shape, design and color. The volume is almost the same for all of them – 200 ml. All our mugs are handmade and unique. If you still do not like what we have on offer and you have your own idea, let us know – we will try to make something similar but never exactly the same. For orders over 5000 dinars, we ask for an advance of 20%

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apstraktna šolja je ručne izrade. Zapremine je oko 200 ml. Može se prati u mašini za suđe. Unikatna je!


Dodatne informacije

Težina0,165 kg
Dimenzije6,5 × 9,5 cm
do 1000din


keramika rustika

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